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  •  Learn what your communication style is
  •  Get some understanding of how this affects your relationship
  •  Save time with wondering what is affecting your relationship every day.
Do You think:

I will never solve this problem?
My partner will never understand me?
My children are learning bad habits regarding relationships.
My children are not as happy as they could be due to our couple arguments?
It will take too much money and time to organise babysitting and lost work time to attend couples therapy.
I don't know how to get help with our communication problems.
Do you feel:
Lonely, even though your partner is sitting right beside you.
You feel trapped, ignored and frustrated that this needs to be fixed asap but how?
You think everyone else seems to have sorted out this couples relationship thing but not you two?
You''ve read books, watched videos and tried talking with friends but none of the ideas go close to engaging you both and changing anything long term.
You don't even know where to start with it all.
Sound familiar?
"Even if your relationships tend to be stable, it’s possible that you have specific patterns of behavior or thinking that cause conflict with your partner and need to be actively addressed."

''Every adult has a communication style which was formed in their early years and in early relationships. This affects every part of their communication and especially their ability to make up after an agument.''

"If there was just one thing you could do to change your understanding of yourself in your relationship it would be to learn your communication responses and how they affect you"

 - Raywyn Roberts, Clinical Psychotherapist, Couples Counsellor 
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